The Massacre of Peterloo, Manchester, 16th August 1819

The Peterloo Massacre - Manchester 16th August 1819

'The Wild Floweret' - A book of poems by Samuel Collins
Bard of Hale Moss
1802 - 1878

Handloom silk weaver;
Veteran of Peterloo;
and Chartist

AIR - "Thou Lingering Star"

YE sweeping vales and moorland dells,
Again among ye I sojourn,
Ye craggy steeps and rugged hills,
Where time hath deep'ning furrows worn
Your frown majestic I adore,
My heart exults in scenes like these,
As from the heights I scan them o'er,
And breathe the balmy mountain breeze.

I view the dreary dark domain,
Where nature seems to dwell alone,
And hold her solitary reign,
Around this ancient druid stone.
Perhaps she claims it as a throne,
And here amid the heather bloom
She hears the murder'd moorcock's moan,
And inly mourns its early doom.

Proud Scotland boasts her highland scenes,
Ben Lomond and Ben Nevis grand,
And where undaunted freedom reigns,
The towering heights of Switzerland.
I grudge not these though yet sublime,
And though their grandeur nothing lacks,
Give me but GreenīŦeld rocks to climb,
And shelter snug at Bill's o'Jack's.

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